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Freeview is the easiest way to enjoy digital TV for free. There are more than 50 digital TV & radio channels, no subscription, no contract, no fuss.

With all these digital TV channels to choose from on Freeview there's something to keep everyone entertained. Not to mention 24 digital radio stations, better picture and sound quality and all those interactive features when you press the red button on your remote.

It's really easy to get, too. There's no contract or subscription. Just check you are in coverage, make a one-off payment for you digital box, digital TV recorder or digital TV, plug it in and away you go!

Freeview HD

Freeview HD is a television service that offers HD channels via your existing TV aerial, all for free. It's available in a set top box that you will need to connect to an HD Ready TV. Or, if you don't have an HD ready TV, then TVs with Freeview HD built in are now common. Plus, you also get access to up to 50 SD digital channels and radio stations. And all for free. Freeview HD is simple to set up; just plug in, and with no monthly bills, you just buy today, watch today then it's free forever. The number of HD channels available on Freeview continues to grow.

Freeview +

Say goodbye to expensive box-sets, with Freeview+ you can create a library of all your favourite series and watch them when you are ready.

  • Simple Recording Freeview+ makes recording a programme simple, see a programme in the TV guide, click on it to record. Easy.
  • Pause Live TV The box has a short term memory so if you want to pause and rewind the programme you can.
  • Conflict Resolution Sometimes everything is on at once, so if you are trying to record too many programmes at the same time you will get a warning message and an alternative time to record a programme if available.
  • Split Recording If a programme is broadcast with a break in the middle e.g. for the news, both parts of the programme will be recorded.
  • Green Button If you see a green button in a trailer click the green button to record the whole series



YouView is a essentially a combination of Freeview and catch up services. With a YouView set top box, you are able to scroll back in time on the TV guide and use the catch up services such as BBC iPlayer to watch programmes you have missed. To use this service you box must be connected to your internet connection.


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